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Remember, unless you fill in all fields correctly (from, to, dates, number of passengers and class) your booking cannot proceed.
We may not travel every day to your desired destination. If you choose dates that we do not fly on, you will receive a message informing you on what days we do operate.
Bookings can be made through the Aer Lingus website up to seven days in advance, however, at certain departure points bookings can be made up to six hours pre departure. Please see our Need Help? section, under FAQS - Bookings, for complete details.


If you are on a round trip, make sure you select an outbound and an inbound flight by clicking on the circle to the left of your desired flight.
In the case of the Lowest Fare not being found on a particular direct route, we offer the option of searching up to seven days either side of the original departure and return dates. If you receive the option to search, click on the 'Find a Lower Fare' button, displayed above the original flight selections.
If you click on the linked flight number (in green) in the flight information column, you can see the flight details.

Prices displayed do not include taxes or charges.


This is where the specific details of your chosen journey are displayed.
Price Total includes all relevant taxes and charges.
Please read the fare rules applicable by clicking on the link under the heading 'Restrictions/Endorsements. In order to continue to the Booking Information page, you must accept the fare rules by clicking in the box.
When you click 'Continue' on the Price page you may see a browser security message. This is simply informing you that you are entering a secure area of the site. Your browser can be configured to display this message or not, as you choose.

Booking Information

This is where you fill in all your personal details, please note:
This page must be completed within 7 minutes or you will be 'timed out'.
Required fields are marked with an asterix (*) and must be completed to proceed.
Certain characters are not accepted, namely: comma (,), oblique (/), apostrophe ('), hyphen (-).
Seat preferences - Seat preferences will be accommodated when we can facilitate your request - but only on Transatlantic Services. If multiple passengers are travelling, you will be given opportunity to select 'window' or 'aisle' for one passenger. The accompanying individual/s will be seated adjacent automatically, providing seats are available. Seat rows on our transatlantic aircraft are as follows : [A,C] [D,E,F,G] [H,K]
Wheelchair requests - Please contact our helpdesk at +353(1) 886 8844 (Europe), email or 1-(866)-886-8844 (North America) if you have difficulties ascending or descending steps, or if you require any special assistance on board for medical reasons.
Card Information section - please ensure that you have filled in all the required fields marked with an * in the card information section.
Email notification - Please ensure you key in your e-mail address correctly and that your account is active, as your confirmation e-mail will be sent to this address.


Ensure that all your details are correct on this page. If you have made a mistake, use the back button to return to the Booking Information page and correct the details.

Click in the box at the end of the page to allow us to debit your payment card and then click on 'Purchase Flights'

Please wait a few moments to allow this transaction to go through. Do not click on 'Purchase Flights' more than once.

Booking Confirmation

The confirmation page confirms all your details. We recommend that you print this page and keep it for your records. An email will be sent to you confirming your flight details and fare information. When you click on the Go to Homepage button, you will be returned to the Home Page.

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Fare Tips

Class Tips displays the lowest available fare for your selected travel dates. If you are not satisfied with the fare displayed, you may like to read the following points and adjust your schedule if appropriate.

Try and book well in advance

The lowest fares are sold subject to availability, so generally fares will be lower if you purchase well in advance of your travel date.

Stay a Saturday night

Many of the lower fares require that you stay over a Saturday night, so ensuring you include a Saturday night stay in your trip may reduce the fare.

Avoid peak travel

As you would expect, the lowest fares sell quickly on peak time flights. Try and take flights at the quieter times such as mid-morning or early afternoon. Avoid travelling on Monday mornings, Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons, or Bank Holidays if you want the lowest fares.

Consider alternative travel dates

If sale fares are not available on your selected travel dates you will receive the option to search for a lower fare up to seven days either side of the original departure and return dates at the 'select' stage of your online booking.
If there is more than one airport in the city you are travelling to/from, examine fares for each airport carefully, for example fares to London Gatwick are usually lower than to London Heathrow.

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Sign up as a Site Member from the homepage for e-mail notification of last-minute travel discounts and other special low fare offers.

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Fare Class Tips

Fare Tips  


This Premier fare is fully refundable and changes are permitted. This fare product has the benefit of lounge access, increased baggage allowance and enhanced comfort on board.

Economy Flexible

This Economy fare allows flexibility in your travel. Change is allowed at no charge depending on availability. Refund conditions may apply.

Lowest Fare

For Lowest Fare available online, restrictions on changes and refund will apply.

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